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My first shoot with Shaam. He is been taught with lot of slogans. the best part about kids is their mazhalai... funny pronunciations. Shaam talks alot, it is tought to answer his questions and if he run out of question.. he loops it back, but his mazhalai makes it more interesting.. Check this video of he saying the Raghavendra Slogan. I love the firangi accent in this..

Poojyaya Raghavendraya Sathya Dharma Ratha Yacha
Bajatham Kalpavrukshaya Namatham Kamadenuve.

Which means, the worship of Sri Raghavendraswamy, who is the embodiment of Sathya and Dharma (Truth and Righteousness), bestows whatever boon one aspires like Kalpavruksha, the Celestial Tree, and Kamadhenu, the Celestial Cow. Incessant chanting of this hymn is a panacea for all ills and problems in life, especially in this age of tension.

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Sony DCR-SR62

Will fill the content later.. Any guess..?
Me out to kumbakonam for a marriage..
See you guys on tuesday...

-- Edited -- on Jan 31st

A gift to my dad to keep him busy these days.. Sony DCR-SR62, the Hard Disk model slips into your palm.. this is my first Camcorder, so gonna explore this for the next few days.. On the first go, i liked the docking station, remote, 1MP quality frame and touch sensitive screen, 30GB capacity with 400 to 600 min recording time. Even the Photo taken from it came good. Shot couple of movie with Shaam and Miruthubhashini.. Can any one suggest me a good editing software, Sony doesn't bundle any good s/w with this. The Picture Motion Browser is pathetic. Can somebody

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This post was shelved in draft for a long time. It is out today for kavi. Do not get me wrong after reading this. I am just a normal frustrated person that day.

Scene :
Me and H returning to take our bike in KBR park after the morning walking
A brand new Blue Estilo was parked in the middle of parking entrance, not allowing any car to get in to the parking area.

H : See this bugger, the way he has parked the Car.
Me : *Got Angry*
on seeing the car parked in the middle of parking entrance, not allowing any car to get in to the parking area.
H : Ivanalam namma officela panramathiri pannanum

Some time backIn our office we have lot of jack *** who park their car in the middle occupying two slot.

H : would write either in the front or rear glass of the car as
"Did you park your brains at home? Guess what you forgot to pick it up"
"Do we hire morons?"
"LKG admissions are open, they also teach driving"

Back to KBR Park
Me : The car was fully mucked up with dust. Wrote "Ass Hole" on the front glass. When i was about to finish the "E". Heard Queek Queek, never realized the sound of car. Turned around tapping my hand dusting out the muck from my hand, a middle aged man came near to the car.
Me : Vidu Jutieeess.. I doubled up towards my bike. Turned around, saw the guy trying to read letter by letter as he was reading from inside... pochuda..

At bike parking area
Lifted bike stand, ignited engine, saw a lady so elegant that morning with beautiful big bindi and a lovely smile blocking my way.

Me : Excuse me aunty
A : Sorry Son
Me : I really liked the aunty's gesture, Good Day aunty
A : you too son.
Me : H took the back seat.. crossed the road.. saw the car stopping by aunty and she hopped in.

Felt embarrassed embarrassed Awwwww....
what would aunty think of me, though the guy has done mistake. How she would have felt on reading the words... (guess the guy is really dumb.. he drove his car until my sight with the words on the glass.. can't his brain think of whipping with his whipper?)

PS : I do not abuse like this. Something went wrong that day and few discussion the previous day made me to do so. Guess i never woke up my brains that morning.

Seri ippo yellarum poda vaanga pakkalam comment sectionla

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Sankranti subhakankshalu / Happy Pongal

Every Year, I would go to my home town for Pongal Holidays. But this year decided to spend here in Hyderabad in Goltu istyle.

Sankranti Subhakankshalu.

In Andhra Pradesh, the festival is celebrated with a special color kolam (Rangoli) at their house, cooking food with the harvested rice and flying kites.
On demand prepared sakkarai pongal and Venn Pongal and it did came well.

Friends came home and a kutti conversation at home
H : Dei vada sapadanum da :( pakkathu veetula seema smell
P : Verupu yethadhada :(
R : Okka Nimisham. Glass Bowel + Sakkara Pongal + Cashew decorations. Aunty - Happy Pongal, Yenga Veetula Pongal senjom.
Ting Tong... Ting Tong...
Aunty : Sakkara Pongal Super.. Inthangapa Nanga Senjathu. Oru Plate fulla Masal Vadai, Ullutha Vadai, coconut Bhurfy and konjam paal payasam koduthanga :)
R : Mission Complete :D :D

Hi I actually don't remember my childhood days of flying a kite. Deal, Maanja, pattam yellam nan konjam weak. Avi invited me for celebrating sankranti at his house. tappu tuppu duum was at avi's house by 12 noon. I really enjoyed the day by flying kites. vekkakedu.. learnt to put the thread, flew kite, lost many kites, total TP. Ppl here enjoy the whole day by flying kites. Every one of the house from thatha, paati, Cousin, ladies to kids assembled at mottai maadi. Aaratai, mokkai, loud music, cut others kite and then shout like mad, murruku and seedai are the repeated activites. Finally at around 5 o clock, when the wind was better we decided to fly the dragon kite gifted by ganesh. A huge, pro kite from US. Way back home stopped by necklace road, was zapped to see the whole enthu hyderabhadies flying kite there.. It was an awesome view, were you see thousands of kite flying in different colors at different heights. Different experience, another good day in my life.

Yellorukkum Yenn Iiniya Pongal Vazhthukkal


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Spicy South Indian Shark Hash - Sura Puttu / Non Veg Recipe

This is a post on the ways to cook Sura Puttu (Shark Hash) purely on south indian amma ishtlye.. so Veg ppl take diversion.

posting this not only for my friend, but for Myself as I keep forgetting the procedure and process to cook this dish and then a major line from Amma, dei phone kaasuku nee kadailayae poi sapadalam. [For the money you spend on Telephone, you might as well have at a Restaurant.]

Ingredients :
1. Shark (700gms),
2. Onions (3 big ones)(the more you take, the more the content and the taste),
3. Garlic cloves (handful - same logic as for onions)(Do not use the paste available in the market)
4. Ginger (half the size of little finger)(paste is ok here)
5. others [Turmeric powder, curry leaves, Green chillies, cloves, DalChini, Bay leaves, pepper powder, salt and oil]

Procedure :
1. Boil water in a vessel with water level just to immerse the shark in it. Once it starts to boil, drop the cleaned (with turmeric and salt) shark and let it get cooked for 10min with the lid closed. 10 min is sufficient, peel the skin (just like potato peeling - Easy one). Do not leave it in water for a longer time as it would make the puttu as a paste. Remove the inner middle bone, shred and smash the shark flesh with pepper powder (red chilli powder can also be used), turmeric and salt.
2. Vessel + oil + burner on, season the oil with cloves, DalChini, Bayleaves, green Chilli, curry leave. Awesome smell it would be at this time.
3. Add the onions to fry, add the garlic and ginger smashed in mixie. Fry to golden color.
4. Add the smashed shark, keep frying for 5 mins until, the smell of turmeric disapears


Heaven it would be when Servered for a Sambar or hot Tomato Rasam.
Server hot with love and affection on a banana leaf. If your guest is a fish lover and a big lazy *** like me, sure they would love it.

PS: Thot of putting a pic of it, but the dish vanished before i could take one. PK ithu pothuma?

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Photography-in-tamil / Miratalukku Nan Adimai

Few days back got an invite from a very good friend SanJai, intro'ing to this group blog Photography-In-Tamil on Photography. Thanks SanJaiWent through couple of post, was shocked to see post on Gimp tutorials, HDR, Strobing, Selective Coloring and many more topics. All in thamizh. Great by the admins of this Group.

Ok me straight jumping to current topic, last night oru miratal comment from SanJai. As a result, here are my entries to the PIT, Jan'08 Contest.
1.) நிறங்கள்/வண்ணம் - (Colors)
Colors - Out of the Box - 'A Picture of many colors proclaims many Thoughts.'Colors - Out of the Box - 'A Picture of many colors proclaims many Thoughts.'

: pullin sirippum pachchai niRamae enakku sammadham tharumae
Sivapu : puththam pudhidhaay raththa roajaa bhoomi thodaadha piLLaiyin paadham
manjaL : andhi vaanam araikkum manjaL agginik kozhundhil pooththa manjaL
Karaupu : peNmai ezhudhum kaNmai niRamae
Neelam : Viyakavaikum vidiyar Kalai Neela Vaanam
2). நீயும் நானும் / நாம் இருவர்U and I, in this beautiful world

Last Year Amma's Birthday Gift.
Some of my other pics from my collections are
Thulasi Maada VillakuShaam's Bean Bag
FacesBangles - A Shot from Hampi Trip
JujuBaeJujuBae & Mint
Check here for my complete collection on "Everydays Artifacts"

Can I know which you liked the most of this collection?

PS : Koolu yedutha korangu aadum, SanJai thanks for that.
SanJai : Unga Assistant PK - Yenn!! Yenn Intha Kola Veri. Peesi Thethukalam Yenna ?

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Fave Five!!

Tagged by Laksh. Rombha Nandri. Here it goes

Just copy paste THIS and everything below up until my Five links:
I thought it would be cool to have a meme where we post links. We can post up to five. Then we tell five more people to share their links. If we all share who tagged us, our links are sure to be seen! )

They can be business links, favorite sites, affiliate links, whatever you want…

There are Five Rules:

1. MUST be clean. No R rated sites.
2. Only FIVE links.
3. MUST tell 5 people.
4. A link back to the person who tagged you ;)
5. Lara’s Place is the meme originator. ;) (an active link is appreciated)

———– end copy paste ———————————–>

My Five Favs

1. Google - Can't live without it (Complete Package is Google Reader, Gmail, Google Analytics)

2. Wikipedia - What an Idea SirJi

3. PopUrls - One Stop place for news, politics, flickr, digg, video, what not - Just love this link

4. Flickr - A place to learn, express, share, explore ur photogenic ideas

5. Mahanandi - My Reference site for a south indian food reciepe.

Now the best part (Yaralam summa irukarathu ;P)

Lost in Utopia (Aarthi)
tales of a lone wolf (--xh-- a.k.a Anoop)
Randon Thoughts (Shalini)
Painting life Yellow (anonme a.k.a akila)
Ennamo po!!! (Raz)
Knowledge & Expression (PK)

I am breaking the 5 people rule here.

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Beautiful, Surprises Yesterday!! - Thank You All

What a lovely day yesterday..

A busy Schedule at work, my boss want to talk to me on my future plans, gtalk blips with the incoming mails from my blogger friends commenting on last two post. Google reader highlights unread feed of my fav blogs. Heart pounds to reply/read blog post. But tickets started to hit my Que.

Check my surprises
A mail drops by

hi KBalu :)
Stop over at my blog – something 4 u there….
--xh—aka aNoop

There the adrenaline gush in my blood. It is this surprise. I started this blog without any intention, motivation, confidence as who will read my writings/kirukals.. but this year got friends who read my kirukals and share their lovely comments with me. I totally love having this award from Anoop. Thanks mate!

Let me pass the joy and happiness Blogger Award to few of my friends PK,Gundumama, Raz, anonme, Aarthi

A Tag from laksh. Fave Fives!! (continued in my next post)

A Mail from compelling design. They have done a video "A Year of Photos - Flickr Calendr 2007" compiled from 365 photos by 365 Photographers for the 365 days of 20007. And Shams pic was put up for June 20th. Check the beautifully composed video below. Shaams photo comes at 2.15th sec of the movie. My photo is selected as one of the better photos and published against June 20th (My Birthday) surprised. Is this a coincidense or it is designed that way? Many thanks to Compelling Design for this awesome work.
Nammalayum Oruthavan Madhichi irukkanda :)

Watched Taarae Zameen Par. Awesome movie, beautiful message delivery, splendid work by the hero and amir. No Review No Comments. Only Order. Plz plz watch the movie in theatre. More than enjoying, feel the movie. It is a movie for every Parents. Here are my two "Taarae Zameen Par" [Stars on Earth].
Tears rolled down Meediyala Pakkathula prakash mela saanji thodachitaen, saying i never cried. Namma Yaaru).
Makkalae poi paarunga.

All these made my day. thanks to each and every one in this.
Wish you all a happy Week End!! Ensoy Madi :)

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