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Have said about shaam in previous post - A Slide show of him.

Picturetrail Rock!!!

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Yennada Surprise nu oru postnu pakkareengala... Just thot would share some of the surprises of my life. Yella surprise sollita nalla irukathula .. so let me let you my latest and the best surprise in my life.
Latest June 19th night 23:50 hrs
Shaam : mamma vaanga saami kumbhadalam [Shaam calling for prayers]. Remembered chandramukki's dialogue "Yenna Kodumadai da Saami". So decided to move out of my bed and stepped out to the Hall. It was dark. Usually my sis will not allow me to walk in dark, wet floor - was surprised to hear she calling me "Vaanga Saar". A cake and two lighted nice smelling candles [which sis was having for a long time waiting for an occasion].
Priya : So thats it
Shaam : Aaaapy Bhooorthday... remaining videola
Thot this birthday would be peace, no friends, no phone call, no email, no msgs.. no bear party.. but shaam, priya, jay mamma, appa and amma surprised me with cake and gifts. itha thaan aarularuthu aaruvathu varaiyo [Is this what 6 to 60's]. Definitely it was a surprise which i never expected.
Shaama pathi sollalayae.. nautanki, cuttie, loving kid, Amma payan (appa kita sandi pannumbhodu), Appa payan (amma kitta dishum dishum bhodhu). Avanunku mazhai vantha lord krishna vararaam. If you light something, it is only for prayers. Now you know why he invited me like that. Thalaivar rocks in patasala. Still in mazhalai paruvam. Everybody would love his company with his mazhalai.
I guess it was 2004 new year, when i was pathu kozhapavadhi.. [ippo mattum yennanu kekatheenga]. Badly in need of a change. Yenna pannalamnu thinking!!!.. Sathy@ asked me come to a restaurant and asked me to wait there... namma thaan sonnnatha panra parambharaiyae illyae... went to the nearby pullareddy sweets. I parked the bike, got the sight of RAT. Deeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiii..... for a sec couldn't belive... Maaaan thats the surprise!!!! Actually thats the time when RAT/Arun/Kanthi all left and was feeling alone. Sathy@ spoke with RAT/Arun and we had a good blast that new year. I forgot the year but the Deeeiiii sight is still fresh...Hats off to Sathy@ definitely thats my besttuuu..

Ok oru request to ppl who has read this mokkai.. Comment your surprises(any number)
Ayyoo one more: My dad used to say - Nee yetha pannalum urupidiya pannamatiya.. but intha blogaa aarambhichi one year agiduchu... Surprise thane.. ;)

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ion - The iPod Energizer / Charger

Heard about ion as "More power to Mutter" in Never realized, ion will be the "Only Power" for my Mutter, except for the time I sync up da playlist.

Following da post, read the story and review in Swaroops blog. First thing it came to my mind was "wow" this would be a nice gift to my friends. Becoz you know how lazy/kanjuse our friends are in buying an alternate power when you have a boring device to charge your iPod.

When I was in Apollo, I really felt the need of ion. My mom was like "Is this what u guys call urself smart where u carry a laptop to charge ur costly pocket radio (excuse me guys.. that is how my mom pisses me off). Immediateaaa logged in.. gave the address.. thanks to paypal easy registration.. just less than a min I orderd an Ion. Second day of order, parcel at your doorstep, simple parcel, simple box, simple device to power your favourite iPod.

Ion impressed me becoz of ...
1. Moral/Story behind ion
2. ion looks kwel, smaller [3 times smaller than my dell laptop charger, guess aarthir is having an advanced sleek laptop charger. :( ], doesn't weight much (can carry easily for long travel)
3. Affordable Price (cheaper than one smirnoff vodka)
4. No need to carry your laptop, and no need of "safetly remove hardware". I like the "Plug and Play" Style of Ion
5. Now I started using my old mp3/fm/recording battery player - powered by ion
6. Play while you charge.

I don't know why, most of my friends would ping me for gift ideas. A couple of weeks before I suggested it for a friend of mine. Seri ippo oru unnmai padam otaraen padichi parunga...

Nanba : Dei machan oru nalla gift onnu solluda..
Me : As usuall namma thaan allaivomae.. Yaruku.. Yennathuku.. Yevlokulla.. Yeppo..
Nanba : Birthday.. Next week.. oru thousand rubhaikulla...
Me : konjam tension agitean yenna athae time namma birthday varuthachae - Payan vivarama avoided the person behind the gift. Then asked.. Unnoda friend kitta iPod irukkada..
Nanba : dei vilayadatha athulam damm costly, athulam ava kita irukku.. so unnoda idea workout agathu..
Me : Avala !!!!.. Maatikiniya PARATA... [Manasukulla bhussa pochu.. cha nan illaya appo :(] why not ion ?
Nanba : yennada 400/- dhana? oru 1000/- ku sollaen da
Me : Convinced him.

Last week

Nanba : Machi super da, Thanks da...
Me : loosu nayae bday ku wish pannama yennada superuu thankssuu.. (antha dog maranthuduchu)
Nanba : Machi neethu ava call panni - ion is one of the best gift i have ever got. oru ten mins was talking about that da.. she was sad that she cannot take her ipod for a week trip as it would require to be charged, but ion has made her trip lively...
Me : Yennaku manasula.. yennada ivan nammala verupetha solrana.. illa dubhakoor vidarananu theriyama muzhichen..
Nanba : Machi you know what she said this "Dude, iPodaa namma ooru potikadaila charge panninen - kwel la"
Nanba : How this can be kwel... da ... yennamo.. anyways my friend is happy ... thot would share da..
Me : Hospital nan patta padu yennaku thaan theriyum.. definitely it is Kwel.. and i liked that "iPod charged in a pan shop"

G8 going ion team, wish you good luck in your new venture.

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