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Feb 24th

We Wish you a Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday RaviMe applying facials :)
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Birthday Bash @ home
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[State of Mind]

I am trying to catch a black cat in a pitch dark room knowing the fact, the cat is not there in the Room - What do i call this state of mind?

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Dandeli & Karwar

Faces of da trip
Harish, Priya, Sunita, Renga & Kuttibalu are the dudes and dudas of da trip
Shiva: He who picked up from Dharwar to Dandeli, Karwar and back to Hubli
Stanley: Owners/Trekker of the Resort
JD: Raft Trainer
Paul & Rachel: Rappeling Trainers
Other faces: Imam, Boiler Uncle, Two Dentist cavana caves travellers.

Dandeli & Karwar Trip (22nd to 26th December 2006)


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Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday to You :)
Yenn Pirantha Naal Vazhthukkal


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durex adv

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