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You are for a Reason

Aarthi suddenaa chatla ping pannina "Go and listen to 'Pray for Me Brother' by AR". Yes it is another fabulous single by AR. But this one is different from other singles (Vande Mataram & Bombay Dreams) were he conveys "You are for a Reason". The song is distributed by Nokia during the promotional campaign of Nokia NSeries (N91) Mobile. All the money raised will go to UN Charity. The video is lil different in this song, taken in vertical cinemascope to fit easily on to mobile screens. Not sure if it for N91!!!

I have to kirukify about other two songs, with the same flavour.
First is the song from "USA for Africa" - We are the world. The song is sung by 45 singers from US including my favorites MJ, Kenny Rogers, Tina Turner, Billy and many more..

Second is about the song "Do they know its christmas", again sung by lot of singers... Well my fav in this are Dido, Robbie Williams, Madonna ..

wiki on these songs for more info.. got to know lot more facts apart from what harish told me. Interesting... Live Aid was the first song sung live across nations from London to Moscow.. and many more.. I remember watching Live 8 which was performed during 2005, but the reason to watch that live was for the punk lady Avril :p..

One other song which i want to share is the "Heal the World" by MJ.
Stop Existing - Start Living - liked those words in this song

You are for a Reason - Are you ?


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