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100 Things Learnt About Photography ~ Martin Gommel

A very good post by Martin on 100 Things I’ve Learned About Photography. Free na read through this, simple and easy to follow things.. Most of which we would be doing, but just a recap.

Happy Photography!!!

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Happy Days

This post is for my onu rendu தமிழ் blog readers.. n this is not a movie review.

'Happy Days' - இது ெதலுங்கு படம், not a peter padam. Titleaa parthu first confuse agitaen, then knowing it the movie directed by Sekhar Kammula, book pannitaen. Godavari is my all time fav movie of him. Abt the movie - proper sekhar kammula ishtyle movie, rombha nalla hero, kurumbhu ponnunga, real life dialogues, casual jokes, oru lala music (athuthaanga theme music), heroineooda expressions, etc yellam orae saayal. But i kinda liked his style. Music is good. More on the movie read here.

Watch n enjoy the movie, out n out entertainer. In abt 2 hrs it kindled my "god knows" buried memories of my 4yr college life.
Starting 1st yr college raging, shit..
oru dog 'R' slapped me for not reading a matter book properly,
oru Ponnu 'P' kita alpathanama sandai (So ponnunga enemy #1),
1st yr lab 'L' Vise ku variya "PUN" intented
2nd yr 'Nanga Seniors'!!! had fun with our juniors, but we were nice seniors. paakatha paadam yenna pogatha theatre yenna? mid night chai/bisci.. mottai madi mokkai, birthday bashs, new year wish pannranu we stopped all buses, mid night la police patrol kita thapichi "Yellarum Ner kotula Oodungooo Campus kulla", group study mokkai, appo appo valli mallai, amrithi forest, naduvula katpadi chennai rail snegam vera.. thirutu thanama aunty veetularunthu cable signal thirudi patu ketpoom..
3rd yr Sandai with Seniors - Adi dhai la, strike, etc.. konjam busy with NIIT.
4th yr po(a)rupu pasanga - project, culturals, sports meet...
then life serious. Except for the romance, intha sweet days aa oru padamaa yedutha, nothing but Happy Days movie - Nostalgic

Do watch it with "friends" my friend.

Prakash Raj is gonna remake this movie in Thamizh.

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