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Makkalae Manithuvidungoooooooo....

Yennada ivlo naal payan aalaae kanum nu yosichi yosichi irupeengalae.. [Thalaila yellarukum konjam mudi kotti irukkum ;) ]. Yup me getting married coming monday. Odanae yelllarum yarupa antha paaavapatta ponnu nu... [ Yellarukum namala pathi rombhavae therinji irukku :( ].

I have shared lot of ai experience, travel, pollambhal, nakkal, kushumbhu with you all.. I am glad to share the most precious moment of my life and with great pleasure i invite you all to my marriage... Sorry for the late post on this..

kuttibalu inimae kuttibalu va irukka mudiyathu... balu va konjam responsible, poruppa.. oops rendu onnu thanaaa.. :D seperate family, new life nu aarambhikanum..

Would be happy if you can drop in and wish us to start a new life. Please find the invite below as personal, in-person and ur presence is what i need.


Dear Friends,
It with great pleasure, I invite you and your family to my wedding lock with Priyanka on Monday, 10th of November 2008.
Please find the attached invitation, Kindly treat this invite as in-person and make this occasion memorable with your gracious presence.
Venue :
Subha Lakshmi Kalyana Mahal,
# 30, Nellikuppam High Road,
Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, India.
[Opposite to Govt Hospital]
Please do drop in at for more informations on our wedding events and details.
[Sorry for little heavy Flash plugins in the wedding portal - might take long time to load]

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