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Run Run Run

Inspired by sriks talk on the thot of 'Running away from camera', We decided to try "how long we can run away from the camera in 10 sec in an interval of 2 sec?". This is the Guy who inspired both of us.Posted by Picasa

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The Pursuit of Happyness

Beautiful feel good Movie after a long time. Couple of things i liked in that movie are
1. Will Smith [I went for this movie only for him, his acting/voice superb]
2. Scenes during these dialogues
   Cristopher to Stock Broker
   [Will] Maaaan I have 2 Qns to U, What do u do & How do u do it?

   Cristopher to his son
   [Will] You have to trust me. Orrite
   [Jaden] I trust You!! I trust You!!
   How Important are these line.. No matter what is the relationship.

   [Will] You got a dream. U gotta protect It

   [Will] Don't let sumbody tell u, U can't do sum.. Not even Me.. Ortite!!!
   [Jaden] Orite!!! (and the face after this..)

   [Will] U wanna Sum, 'Go Get It'(period)

3. Last Scene, where will narates as "This part of my life is 'The Pursuit of Happiness' ". I am for sure who ever watch this movie would get the feel... Maan will i not get this feel once or once again!!!!!

One more movie to my personal DVD collection.


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If you dig Straight down, Where will you end up?

My Fav Qn to Dad, Where would I land, If i keep on digging the ground? This Qn reminds me of the famous Senthil and Koundamani Jokes. "Yenna Nae Aggaum Thoondikitae Poona". Well this is a Question by most curious kids. Here is a link which can explain what is there on the otherside of the Globe. I too digged a straigh hole and found I will be drinking water from the South pacific Ocean. A Cool link using Google Maps will let you know the Curious Answer. Dig Now....
A Closer look


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Savings this space (My 50th) for a post which i want to do for a long time. Unfortunately couldn't find time.. hopefully will do it by this weekend.

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G Gadget for G Talk

Added Google GTalk Gadget to Login with your Gmail Account and start chating / sharing your photo/video, even if you don't have GTalk Client with you. The Best is the slide show of ur Albhum and preview of Video. Zimbleee It rocks!!!!.


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Go Bhadrachalam

My trips are now a days not planned. Last weekend was out to Bhadrachalam and this will be the last trip until summer. 'Go' Bhadrachalam was decided after checking the availablity of the return train ticket.
Three things to be considered before going on a Trip to Bhadrachalam.
1. Go in a Group (Min 10 to 15 recommended)
2. Go during the right time, just after the monsoon (Oct to Jan)
3. Engage a vehicle for your own/Reserver the boat prior.
Myself, Appa, Amma, Bala & Shami started by bus to bhadrachalam. Bus late by 3hrs. Boat will start by 8.30AM, we were still at Bhadrachalam at 7.45 AM. Hired a Cab and reached the boat point by 8.45. He He he he.. late luck helped us there .. The boat came lil late and was inn by 9.30... Taga Taga Taga the 110hp Engine started and all the enthu(s) were all excited about the trip.
'Gangotri' our boat started, Breakfast was served in the boat. Bala started with the comment "Nammallam Upma Familya". The climate was lil hot, but once the boat started to move the breeze was ok. The boat went 40km on the stream and reached papikondalu, took a 'U' turn to reach Perentappali. The View of Sand shores, mountains and river between them was fascinating.
The Boat stopped at Perentappali, for a temple visit and a refreshment at a natural spring. Shammi decided to take a bath and we decided to climb the mountain to reach a good place for bath. It was worth a hunt. The Stream was chill and got good refreshment. After dharshan, had lunch (not all that great, but ok).
After lunch everybody was tired, started to sleep. I decided to wet my feet in the river, luckyly no one objected (unlike morning). With the music of Godavari, the scene was really smoothing even at that hot sun. Good memmories rolled back. The show came to 'The End' at 4.30 PM. We rushed to Bhadrachalam for the dharshan as the temple would be closed early due to the eclipse.
Dharshan was good. Returned to Kothagudam to catch our train back to Secundrabad.
The trip thou lil hectic with lot of travel, we enjoyed with jokes and comments from film. My folks too enjoyed with lil difference.
Contacts you need If your planning a trip to Papikondalu/Bhadrachalam
1. FarroQ - 9440945130 (Cab driver - We never took this guy as he was engaged)
2. Omar - 9441132744 (Boat Reservation)
3. Ravi - 08743234455 (Ravi Lodge)
1. WikiMap
2. Bhadrachalam Temple Timing / Contact
3. Trip Fotos


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Ramoji Film City [Reloaded]

One of the promises which i keep on breaking is "No More to Ramoji!!!". Yes Broke this year too.. Weekend was out to ramoji with my Folks and Francis Mom. Reached Ramoji at 10:30 AM, after stop overs at Oracle Campus, Miyapur (Francy Home), Kamat (4 BreakFast).Thank God, this time its a new experience at Ramoji with new Stuffs.
1)Movie Magic - Here the crew take you thro how a movie is made, dubbed, processed(Audio & Video)and Release. A visitor is picked and movie is made instantly
2)Filmy Dunia - Definitely not a place for adults, but was surprised to see the old souls enjoying that.
3)Spirit of Ramoji - Very good performance by the dancers there. Nice show. Dad too liked it. This show has dance, comedy, gymnastics and many more.
4) Stunt Show - Man i am seeing this for the 5th time. Guess they need to change the sequence, boring for me. But good show for the first time go'ers..
5) Bus tour - They take you thro few lanscape of Ramoji, front view you see Swizzz Bank and the Rear is Gallej Mumbai market. Right side is hospital with left side as Airport. Go one level down for an AutoStand. Complete False Setup. It is only here train runs on MRF, Temple without God/Godess, highway turns to Garden.. blah blah... lot more.. you get to see Hawa Mahal, Japanese Gardern etc..
6) Fundustan - A Place for Kids.
7) Borasura - A place for all ages. Sirichi Sirichi we had stomach ache :).
8) Closing Ceremony - The day starts with an Opening and closes with a closing Ceremony. This time had a chance to see the closing one. It had a thank you type theme song, two item numbered dance, a magic show and many more.
There were lots we missed Rain Dance, Bungy Jumping (Dad never allowed me to do that), Games, Comedy show many lawns and parks. Even though it weren't real, It fetched my folks a good day and smiles throughout inspite of however tiering it was.
Thanks Ramoji Rao. My folks are happy so I AM. worth the money spent.
Click here for the Pics at Ramoji

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First Anniversary

This post is for my Car, Oru varusham Agiduchu. Last Year Feb 2nd vanginen, Yennaku Pudichavanga Yellar Kitayam Katinen. Everybody liked my small car. Just sat back and thot about where all I drove my car.
1. Tirupati [My first Accident]
2. Chennai
3. Tiruchendur and around
4. Courtallam/Kutralam
5. Madurai
6. Hyderabad
7. Kuntalla Falls
8. Warangal
9. Nagarjuna Sagar
10.Srisailam (twice)
13.Yagandhi (Kurnool)
Hayooo!!! No wonder how it crossed 20K Km in a year.
Statuary Warning!! B4 U Click on Play. It is only for my CAR


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Dad and Amma at Velliangiri (Isha Yoga)

Instigated by thots of francy, decided to go Isha Foundation, Velliangiri on my recent visit to Coimbatore. Visitors to the yoga center can take a dip at Theerthakund, which houses a lingam made of Mercury which is solidified by prayers. [Freezing point of Mercury is -37.9 'C]. Even though myself and dad had difference of opinion on the principles of Sathguru, one thing we started to talk about was the power of mercury & we felt the vibrant energy in us or the part of body which got wetted in Theerthakund. The Theerthakund is a pond housing 666kg of 99% pure Mercury in solid form in a brass container, which is at 30 feet depth from ground. The walls were painted with the stories from puranas, build with big blocks of stone from the hills of vellaingiri.
After the dip, the visitors can visit dhyana lingam. Sculptured with mordern art, for me it never looked like a place for worship, but definitely it is a place for yoga, meditation where you can "Find the inner in you".
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