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Alto (Let's go) Kuntala

Hd a wish to take my friends in my car for a long drive. Decided to drive to Kuntala. Got boosted/enthued on googling the word Kuntala. What is Kuntala ? Kuntala means a Girl with luxurious Hair(Curly) Damm We are going there ;) n another one saying lord Siva is also called as 'Khakuntala' meaning Kha - Sky and Kuntala - Curly hair tied upwards.
Later, the trip expanded to 8 member [Bala(d), Francis, Siva, Viresh(d), Amit, Arjun, Amar(d) and Rakesh] and decided to leave hyderabad @ 6.30 kphb on Jun 22nd '06. Drivers marked with 'd'

After picking up Amit/Francis n siva reached kphb by 7 we started to Kuntala on the Nagpur HighWay.
The wheels came to a stop at medchal when the crowd decided to have nashta.

After Breakfast we decided to rush towards SriRam Sagar Dam [Unfortunately this place is not google-able except for this link]. There are few in(ac)cidents like me screeching my breaks near tupran (if i could say that in Tamil - It means SomeOne Spitting), Camel on the Roads, Dil Chata Hai (View of Train), Piss Stops (Can't believe had snacks after this), some random lorry's tube burst which keep my memmories of the trip alive.

Well we had an Enthu Cutlet in the Group (one of the A's - well we know who is that as the other A's are not that young to be active ;) sorry Amar and Arjun) who always says lets stop here.. lets stop here... We stoped a few km before Pochampadu and decided to do a treck on the versant of the K-18 which we named as 'Operations Rocky'. Check this Video abt the Operation

Red Bull n White Mouse started towards the Pochampedu after a small refreshment in the foothill of K18.SriRamSagar Dam is Constructed across the Godavari River.Gang spent few minutes on the walls/silt.. we were told that it is not only us but also creepers are very good freq visitors to the dam. Damn lets move out.

After few Pics of the birds and the group on the spillway(not exactly but could say as WasteWier), the gang decided to move towards Nirmal for Lunch. Our Original plan of two days got changed to a day trip, by then alto could take a turn the Big Red Butt oops Bull rashed to Nirmal in search of Food. Had lunch at a marvadi mess. I still wonder how we parked our babies there... ;)..

The Wheels moved over the ghat roads and then steped into the roads of Kuntala Forest deviating from the Nagpur Highway.All I could see is Green.. Green and Green. Reached Kuntala, got ready ourself without knowing that some danger is ahead of us. All you could only hear is the sounds of the tearing water ripping the stones there. After decending lot of steps we reached the WaterFalls.. Yes it is true why it has the name Kuntalla... the silver lines of the water current looked like a blond hair..

Kuntala Falls The Highest Falls in AP. The Rocks in the falls are slippery and maybe becoz of this it is soft on ur bare foot. If you do not know swimming, falls is not the right place.
The Current is so high that no one could stand still. The treckers enjoyed the water drizzle. Took Photo/Shoot Video. Yeah the adjacent Video is the beautiful falls/friends. We decided to get into the water except one Big Dude!!!,
but the fun n dance we had in water attracted him to get himself drenched in the stincking stagnant water. hahahahaha. The Nautanki did lot of stunts, Fun it was!!!.

The Twist and Turn Munivar went on a pathaiyathra to do dhyanam, me went in search of him. Damn... the clouds turned black in a matter of sec... droplets started wetting the soft rocks to make it more slippery. Glidded/Slipped reached the foothill, took a deep breath, felt rebirth on earth again. On the other side could hear siva and arjun explaining the scene of siva calling his mom asking to send sepulture for him ;) hahaha..

Everybody tired after breathtaking incident and climbing up the hill to reach the car.Took the On Demand Photo. Decided to reach the A1 Plaza for Dinner. When driving back we saw deer passinf by.. By the time we reached Nagpur Highway, the sun came down.. speed came down to 60. My milage went up to 24 km/ltr.

Thanks to Veeru for driving me back for the last 60 Km. Reached home at 1 AM after dropping siva/munivar and Veeru. My Trip meter read 555.
Video shoots of the trip

Missed Stuff : Pochera Falls / Nirmal Crafts

Another WriteUp on the Trip by Amit

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Avril Lavigne - Awesome!!!!

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YadaGiriGutta (Jul'16 '06)

After a Good Lunch & Sleep, Pra, Rav and Bal started from GEO 17°26'0.98"N, 78°25'9.38"E headed North East to YadhaGiriGutta.

The temple is located about 60 km from Highderabad near the town of Bhuvanagiri (Bhongir). The sanctum is a natural cavern on the hill.

mOolavar: Jwala Narasimhan, Yoga Narasimhan, Gandabheranda, LakshmiNarasimhan, Ugra Narasimhan (Pancha Narasimha kshEtram)
utsavar: vAIdya LakshmiNarasimhan, kalyAna LakshmiNarasimhan
thAyAr: AndAl

Abt the Trip : After a snail drag the trip started at 5 pm, reached there @ 7pm with mi and Pra being the drivers for our esteemed consultant Rav. nJoy'd the up hill drive for 30 sec.... which took us to the cave temple of Lord Lashmi Narasimh. Very Good Dharshan @ 8 pm [Intha Kovila vithuyasama oru thadiyala bhakthargala adipanga.. that is the way they are blessed....] Drove back with Gana Songs from Xplode, Road Side Dhaba Dinner. Last finished the drive at IMAX for the last show of Super Man - Returns.

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Black Wednesday

Another happiest Day is what i thought when i finished my JoGGG... But recognized the most abominable day im my life.. v 3 lost the presious which we used to carry with us

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Chennai 2 Hyderabad

My First Long Drive to hIderbad. I was really scared to do this trip after lot of oppositions from my friends.... (they really care me). Myself and Renga shared the 650Km drive and we could complete in 12 hrs approx with lot of pit stops where all we wished (for food/photo/cofee/tea/piss hehehe).. The Roads were amazing!!!.. And I still could not believe my car gave 22.5 Km/Ltr Milage which is actually more than Maruti's quoted one. Few Pics collected Shooted

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Gift.... Lucky Gift... Posted by Picasa

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