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Hyderabad 10K Run [24644] Nov 25th 2007

Actually it wasn't a 10K Run, but a 10K walk this time.
Not Bad 1hr 40 mins (100 Min), as i thought it would take 2hrs for a person who got ACL reconstructed just 6 months before. Myself and Srikanth decided to walk the show and would pull off on discomfort. We reached Gate 4 and got ourselves registered (hmm vekka kedu - blackla). Registration forms got over and counters were closed, a random dude shared his (never turned) friends registration with us. So finally 24643 (Sriks) and 24644 (balu) along with Renga, Jawahar, Sarat and Pandey (I Guess) started the walk/run by 7.18 AM. The crowd for me seems to be less when compared last two years. But one could see mom cheering kids, guys cheering gals, rock band stalls cheering the participants, corporates, schools, handicapped on the track. Hats off to each and every one who participated in the run irrespective of whether they finished or not. Not sure what we chat, it started from fitness to food to bloggers to flickr to camera to Office practice and what not, in the middle at sight of 7,6,5,4,3 km to finish we kept on encouraging each other as "Not Bad Maaan". We finished the Run and the clock ticked 8.38 AM. Another final "Not bad Man" we did it in an hour and 40.
Felt proud, as usuall Minerva BreakFast and a Good Sleep .
What else i require on a Sunday. Another Good Day in my life.
Last Year
Some clicks / Photos from of Hyd 10k Run

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