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Hyderabad Nanbargal : Pic taken @ Nanded - Raghu's Marriage

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.:: "nee mattum dhan indha ulagatile unaku thunai..." ::.

.:: "nee mattum dhan indha ulagatile unaku thunai..." ::.

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Buy Me a Rose

What a Beautiful Song by Kenny Rogers

dis reminds me of the chat with Harish [Potter ;)] on 2/1/2005 (MM/DD/YYYY) format..
hparamesIN (11:40:00 AM): on my friends car in ooty...we used to listen to Kenny Rogers...when we used to dirve from ooty to coonor...45 mins drive...all dark...and cold...4 of us ...and in the end..we used to play the song on stereo....and the guy and his wife used to dance to used to be so great...what memories...

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Sillunu Oru Kaalai Neram

Time 10.30 AM (Intha Nerathulayum Sillunu Oru Kaalai Neram Yeppadi nu Ketkareengala .. Ippadithann..)

Amma : Thambhi Time achu...
Me : Seri Ma.. (eezhuthu Pothikitae..)
Amma : Kulli da.. Innaku Perumal Nombu..
Me : Seri Ma..
Amma : Indha kapi..
Me : Atlast out of Porvai.. Damm Filter Kapi.. Who can say no to that .. (Hot Water Ready, Fresh Aroma of Kapi.. Came out of Bedroom could smell the sapadu she has made for the Nombhu.. hehehe samy sapadu smell paniduchu..)
Kullichitu partha veeedu fulla filled with agarbhathi smell.. Was hurrying my mom to finish the usuall slogams and waiting for the karpooram to come down.
Ready Onnu Rendu Moonu Kozhukattai Gaali.. Seema Sapadu Pachapaiyer Payasam hmm .... (nakku ooruthu waiting for the second round)
Got Myself ready to appice..(Shoe potukitae irukumbhothu) Appo Amma thengai yennai thallaila thadavi vitanga.. This reminds me of the school days when she used to run behind me for the same.. but now i run for that ;)
Consoled myself that i hv to go appice .. Car Start paninen.. Amma oodivanthu Yennada Purse Vitupoitae da.. appidinu konjama kochikitanga.. Nanum sirichikitae Car Start panninane.. Damm this song started playing..
Karaiyatha Manamum Undoo...

Muzic : IllayaraRaja
Director: Faazil
Singer : KJ Jesudas & Chitra
Artist : Karthick & Kush(boo)

Hmm Yellanallum Ippadiyae Inaiya Nalla Irukka Aaasai.. (Solomon (P)appaiya Dialogue)
Chaa amma has done the same for the past 27 yrs, but ippo konja idaivellaiku piragu athukaga yeguthu intha manasu...
Am I senti.. ?

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Cuppy Cake Song

Cuppy Cake Song
Cuttie Song I luv this.. Smile on Ur Face guaranteed on click of Play

You're my Honeybunch, Sugarplum.. Pumpy-umpy-umpkin, You're my Sweetie Pie
You're my Cuppycake, Gumdrop.. Snoogums-Boogums, You're the Apple of my Eye
And I love you so and I want you to know.. That I'll always be right here
And I love to sing sweet songs to you.. Because you are so dear!

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Kathal Kavithaigal (Gopura Vasalile)

Another Cute song from my School days..
Music Director: IllayaraRaja
Director: Priyadarshan
Singer : S.P.B and Chitra [hmm Avaraiyum balu nu thann kopiduvangalam ;)]

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A Song by Fuzon.. Damm what a lovely song.. Unfortunately i need to take help of my friend to understand the lyrics!!!!

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