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Chithiram Pesuthadi (::. Nagarjunasagar & Ethipothala .::)

On 07-07-07, not even a month after my operation, decided to do the nagarjuna sagar drive as everybody (me , ravi, prakash, hari, priya, karthick and karpagam) were either pissed, bored, kadi, kadupu.. hmm what all not...
Tha main objectives were
1. get out of hyderabad
2. should not be reachable
3. actually nothing else to do...
The things we did.. we visited.. we played.. we relaxed are in the movie form.. njoy the play.. (my first trial.. its not all that gr8.. but guess u will njoy.. added muzic bits to make it lil funny and njoyable...)

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