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Francis Weds DeepaPriya (Jan 25th 2007 - 10.30 AM)

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Xavi's Kavidhai

Azhaghu Kavidhai!!
Rombha Azhaga yezhudhirukaru Xavi. I liked this much
Yedhayum Yosikkamal
Pesi kondu irundhadhu
Oru Kalam
An now !!!
Yedhuvum Pesamal
Yosithu kondu Irukirean

Arumai ya!!! Nan Solomon illaiya .. Unn Kavidhai Rasigan.

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Enippu Sakkarai Pongal

Ithullam Illama Sakkarai Pongal nalla irukkathu
1. Rice - Oru Allavu (1 Portion)
2. Pacha Paiyuru - Kaal Allavu (1/4 Portion of Rice)
3. Milk - Oru (1) Cup or lesser
3. Coconut - Konjam
4. Cashew - Unga Anbin Allavu
5. Jaggery - 400 to 500 giramu (gm)
6. Raisins[khish-mish] - 100 giramu (gm)
7. Cardamom - 3 to 4
8. Ghee - Unga Anbin Allavu

I learnt this from OnDemand/Online Teacher (Verayarum illa.. Mynavathy thaan) hahaha My mom. This is how she taught me.

Pacha Paiyura ponn nirathuku varuthuko, Rombha varuthuda thada appuram nalla irukkathu.. Appuram wash rice, moong dhal. Add water a lil less than 2 times the portion of Rice. Cooker la vachi cook pannanu. konjam Salt (pinch) add panniko (Amma Tip / It would boost the sweet taste. True it was!!!). Coconut aa konjam chinna chinnadha cut panni ghee varuthu vachikanum [tip from Aarthi's Indian Veg Recipe]. Cashew and Dry grapes yum ghee la varuthu thani thaniya vachiko. VeLLam konjama thani la karachi vachikitu heat pannanum [Kambhi padham vara varaikum heat pannanum / thanks to Ravi mama who gave me this tip. Pongal tasted very good]. Leave the cooker for two more whistle than usual cooking style. Open the cooker and add milk and start mixing till the milk is absorbed. Now add veLLam syrup and mix well. You should be getting the smell by now. Inviting trouble from other house ;). Add Ghee, powdered Cardomom and sim for some time. Add fried Cashew, dry Grapes, coconut to the sweet pongal and serve them.

Our original plan was to make Ven Pongal. So yennn viduvomae.. took a lil portion of the rice and moong dhal before adding milk and sweet and made these changes. Venn Pongal ready in 2 mins!!!!
Fry finely chopped green chillies and ginger in ghee. Fry whole black peppers and cumun seeds in a Pan. When the peppers burst add chillie and ginger pieces. Add Salt and curry Leaves and Mix all for Venn Pongal. Add roasted Cashew and lots of Ghee for a mouth watering Venn Pongal. Serve the pongal with coconut cutney seasoned with oil.

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Tiruvakkarai [Fossil Wood Park]

A blog which I want to write for a long time was about the Fossil Woods of Tiruvakkarai.
The Fossil Woods date back to 20 Million Years. It is a fenced park maintained by the GSI(Geological Survey of India), lil badly would say :(. This place belongs to the State of Tamil Nadu, but closer to Pondicherry. The park is full of fossils which is look-a-like of Tree trunk. These fossils are huge and run more than 10 meters in length and a foot thick trunk. These fossils exactly look a like of tree trunck with greens(algae) grown overit. Most interesting part of the fossil is, you could see even the growth circles of the tree.

It was believed that this place was once a beach area and over a period these tree got buried in water. And slowly the trees tissues/fibre is replaced with silica deposits which now resembles the hard fossil stones. Even at this point it wasn't interesting. But when thot abt that this fossil is nearly 20 million years old. Well I started counting the zeros after 20 and was like WOW!!!. It is absolutely amazing to see an object as if it looks like yesterday which is 20 Million Years old [I am still counting the Zeros :(]. One can easily find the greatness of the fossil when you touch.
My Eyes says that it is Wood, but My mind says "Dude that is a Rock Man!!!"

Thinks which I felt bad when thot abt this place wasThe Wood Fossils taken from Tiruvakkarai is kept @ Ooty Botanical Garden for display and People are more eager to see there but not at the origin. It is also kept in the fossil museum of London.

Few facts and links about Tiruvakkarai are
1. The first Wood-Fossil Park of the country is situated here.
2. large fossil bearing areas fenced into create the country's first national fossil-wood park here. These petrified trees lying scattered on low mounds and stream sections, date from the cretaceous age (100 million years ago)
3. An Article which came in Deccan Herald
Sentinels from long long ago
Some of the trees live for thousand years and more, some die too early. If left untouched, big trunks and branches of the trees are petrified. Some are transformed into coals, into diamonds and other precious stones after many million years. But the age of petrified trees, kept in enclosures, now under the governance of the Geological Survey of India in Tirukkarai village in Tamil Nadu, is 20 million years. Some of the wood-stones here at the Fossil Park are as big as 30 metres. Compared to those once living trees, mummies of Egypt are of recent origin. It is said to be the first official Fossil Park of India.
Of the nine fenced enclosures, 'B', the main enclosure is kept open for visitors. The trees, it is said, had been transported here before they were petrified. It is an uneven rocky terrain. Besides trees and fossils there are some mounds.
The formations are geologically called the Cuddalore Series. The earliest account of the fossils, in detail, made by a European naturalist, Sonneret has remained here since 1781. Some of the fossils belong to Mesembrioxylon Schmidianum and some belong to Angiosperms and the modern families like Guttiferae.

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